I have been a professional artist since 2001. It all started out with writing, having a poem I wrote when I was 12 being published in a local Brooklyn based magazine sponsored by Superintendent of schools at the time. As the years have gone by I have been able to branch out into all aspects of creative expression. While on this path, I have been able to work onscreen for FX (The Americans) for which I was considered for an Emmy, CBS (Blue Bloods) and HBO (We Own This City). Behind the camera I’ve shot and edited a multitude of films including my first feature “The Real”, and most recently “Jokes – Anger Management”, “My Suicide Letter – Revisited”, and “Conflagration”, all currently available on Amazon Prime.

My works on canvas offer the viewer a glimpse into not only my world view but a sort of mirror image to their own personality. With my work I seek to ask the viewer questions of passion into their own lives, the works are heavily textured and calculated such as me but bursting with energy. Up close one must gaze at them and see the depth of the organized chaos. These images and works are not meant to be glanced at but are meant to arrest those whose spirit is tuned to that particular station that plays lush tunes set to voices of freedom and insight for all.

As a playwright my most recent endeavor, “The West Philly Meeting” produced by Theatre In The X, closed out to a large crowd in West Philadelphia where the play takes place My collective experiences also allowed me to complete and publish 3 books; “One Bright Day in the Middle of the Night” (a philosophical journey through time, the mind, music, relationships and the world through the eyes of a unique Brother and Sister pair), “Trinity, God, and All the Rest” (A connective story through time and coherent thought told through the eyes of different people) and “Prometheus the Gemini” (A storyteller’s perspective on the duality of life and the existence of more than what is seen) As a musician, the freedom to create anything I want is great and I am constantly dropping tracks on my Spotify & Apple Music Pages, including recently “Revampmasterwave”, “Millionaire Beat (Official)”, “Keep Building” & “1st Bass” The journey continues on, and I am still learning.

Stay blessed

Dwayne Alistair Thomas