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Plus you can read some of my poetry below


Irish Lass

“sleep now my angel darling”
she whispered in his ear
caressing his tense body with the love of her’s
morning sunbeams broke through their solitude
their world locked away from the reality of uncertainty
“today’s the day” he said
his dark black eyes hiding his fear
“stay strong” she said to herself
“just breathe”
“just breathe”
the morning paper says it’s rain today,
but no clouds mar the sky
just clear blue,
gentle breeze
she brews the coffee, sets his breakfast
two eggs over easy
and steak
his favorite
they sit in silence
everything said that had to be said
“i love my man in uniform” she thought
as he stepped into his combat boots
he said “don’t worry, i’ll be alright”
she said “just come back to me”
she watched him as he walked all the way down the road
as he faded into infinity
left alone now…
…in the silence of their home,
she shed the tears she held on to
it’s hard to be the wife of a hero
the wife of the damned
the wife of a soldier
…months pass
then the letter came
two stoic messengers at her door
“we’re sorry ma’am”
“your husband has joined the fallen”
“he fought bravely in the face of tragedy”
“he has entered eternity”
that night,
was the hardest night
the uncertainty of this reality
she fell asleep clutching the letter to her breast
“sleep now, my angel”
she whispered to his soul



you say you had a hysterectomy
so it’s safe to spill my seed inside of you
share my love without consequence
you have no concern of the other maladies
because I seem like a nice guy
like that has anything to do with it
you delve into my eyes
searching for sincerity
that may…
…or may not…
…be there
diving deeper & deeper still
my attempt to penetrate your soul
by way of violently battering your gates of heaven
your crescendo screams motivating me forward
like some sadistic beast
but that’s what we are…
a ravine of blood you trail across my back
through gritted teeth & guttural breaths
as you beg for me to hurt you more with my erect…
sight is lost
every muscle in the universe engages
as I explode with the blessed heat of a thousand sons
inside your barren garden
I inhale your exhale
star shot hearts beat, beat, beat back down to earth
back to where it all began
with a kiss on the kips
and wicked intent in the eye


Eye sea

i see…
…i see…
…i see…
…i see the pure simplicity
the flow of life around me
constantly streaming in and out of ourselves
bumping into each other
looking warily at each other as we pass ourselves in the streets
quick furtive glances filled with fear
are you a new friend?
a new enemy?
a new lover?
a new agent of my own demise?
are you my death?
my destiny?
are we all supposed to be such strangers?
can’t we be more?
more friendly
more together
more at peace with one another?
is it possible?
or is it all just a dream of a mad god?


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